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You need someone looking out for you.  There is so much competition from other buyers and so few homes available.  That is why you need an agent that not only will help you find the right home but one that will actually help you purchase it!  Jeff Haring has the experience and knowledge to navigate the difficult process for you .

We’ll Connect

Pre-Appointment Discussion

When you are ready to find a new home to call your own, give me a call. We will connect and I will learn more about what you are looking for in a home – everything from the area to style of home, number of bedrooms, baths, how much work you do or do not want to do on it, and your budget. But most importantly, I find out how you want to use the home. I want to know how you view your life in your next home and what I can do to make that vision become a reality.

Pre-Approval Process

Finding the Right Loan

I can connect you with several great lenders that are very knowledgeable in all areas of financing.  Any one of them can assist you with a custom tailored loan program that will fit your needs. You’ll need to get pre-approved before we begin our search so we know your search parameters.  Then when you find the right home you can move quickly with the confidence that the sale will close with no hassles.  

The Search Begins

Working Together

I will set up your personalized search parameters in the MLS and through our custom Compass Collections program that will alert you of each new property that comes on the market and gives you additional information on each home that you won’t find anywhere else.  If you already had a home in mind, we can start there.  Together we will combine our efforts find you the perfect home that fits your budget and your family’s needs.


Let’s Go Look!

Once we narrow down the online search we will hit the streets and visit your top picks.  It’s a matter of trial and error as we will tour as many homes as you need to find the perfect fit.  Before we do – make a list of your wants & needs in a home, including what you are willing to compromise on.  There’s a saying in our business, “there’s no perfect home” and it is so true.  Finding the closest thing to “perfect” can happen in a day or over several weeks.

The target

The Excitement Builds

The day is here and we found the right home for you!  You’ll probably look, measure, look, take photos, and look again.  It’s time to move forward with making an offer.  Your nerves are tingling and the questions begin.  “How much should we offer?”  “What is it worth?”  “Will they keep the fridge in the garage?”  My job is to help with the valuation of the home and the strategy to help you win the negotiations.  My work is just beginning.  You’ll have lots of questions and I’m here to answer them!


Let’s Do This!

There’s a lot to consider when we sit down to right the offer.  Price is not the only issue.  Knowing your limitations on time and money will help take some of the emotion out of the transaction.  Well, maybe not.  At this point we will spend the time to structure the offer so you can get the house and that’s the goal.  I’ll counsel you on all of the intricacies of the purchase contract, i.e. the time periods, the inspections and other contingencies, your loan process, etc.



The Seller Chose YOU!

Now it’s time to pull everyone together and discuss the details and the process moving forward.  This is call Escrow.  As I like to tell all of my clients; “the process is very fast in the beginning, it get’s quiet in the middle, and then gets crazy in the end”.  I’ll be working for you behind the scenes to coordinate the inspections, the loan process,  legal requirement issues and any further negotiations. 


It’s Almost Done

When everything comes together as it should we will be coordinating any final details of the sale.   You’ll have a final inspection of the property and we’ll be sure to check for any repairs that needed to be completed.  You’ll be signing your loan documents and then transferring the balance of your funds into the escrow account.  Rest assured I will be there at all times to help you navigate the terrain and make sure you don’t forget anything.

Moving Your stuff

The Day Has Arrived!

It’s time to pack the truck and move into your new home!  I will help you coordinate the utilities and services you will need from your first day.  You may additional questions regarding the home at that point and I will be there for you for assistance.  We will be in constant communication throughout the process and I can help you long past the closing.


The Active Approach to Selling Your Home

It no longer works to place a sign in the yard and hope it sells.  Now it takes experience, skill and the right steps to achieve the goal.  Jeff will share with you each step he takes to get your home sold.

Compass Concierge

The hassle-free way to sell homes faster and for a higher price, Compass Concierge helps you maximize your listing’s value with home improvement services like staging, flooring, painting and so much more! No upfront costs, no interest.

Compass now offers two Concierge programs! Our Concierge Classic program pays vendor invoices directly for their services. The new Concierge Capital program, provided by Notable, gives funds directly to your sellers through a Concierge Debit Card. 

What clients are saying about Jeff Haring…

"After meeting with 2 other agents I decided to go with Jeff Haring. It was the best move to sell my home. Not only did he bring in potential buyers and helped me with all the paper work, he got in and helped me with things that had to be brought up to code. Light plugs, chimney spark arrester, door locks plus many other things that helped sell my home. He did more than I expected! I recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a GREAT real estate agent."

– Howard Miereanu

"Jeff is the best! We've done 3 transactions with him already. He is professional, knowledgeable about the area and very responsive in the selling and buying transactions that he handled for us. His attention to details, passion for the real estate industry makes him truly the perfect real estate agent. We strongly recommend Jeff Haring to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!"

– Eric & Soizic Johnson

"We have dealt with Realtors on both sides of buying and selling homes five times over the years, and Jeff Haring has been the most responsive and professional of the bunch. I won't go into detail about all the extras he did in helping us get the house on the market, but I will say that he was more than hands-on! He helped us get the home in sparkling condition! The house went on the market on Saturday; the first Open House was on Sunday, and we had three offers in hand on Monday! Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled!"

– Emily & Richard Belanger

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Compass agents have exceeded 20% market share in many of the largest metropolitan cities in America.

Transactions in 2020

Compass agents helped their clients complete a transaction every 5 minutes

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We are ranked as the #1 independent Real Estate brokerage in America according to Real Trends.

“Helping everyone find a place in this world.”

Robert Reffkin

CEO, Compass

Compass invests in state of the art  technology

We have over 440 technology team members on staff in tech campuses in Seattle, Washington D.C. and Hyderabad, India.  Compass is now developing AI technology to attract buyers to our listings for faster sales.

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