Are you considering selling your home but finding the process overwhelming? Picking a Seller’s Agent can be a scary process in of itself. You maybe asking yourself how to know how to pick a good Sellers Agent. It simple, a good Seller’s Agent, is also successful Buyers Agent. All of our agents here at <Insert Name> are talented in both!


Perhaps you may be wondering what does it mean that a good Seller’s Agent is also a successful Buyers Agent? Well, a good sellers agent would know how to sell your home in today’s challenging  Real Estate Market Because they know what today’s buyers in <insert area> are looking for.

A good seller’s agent is able to find out from current buyers what they are all most commonly looking for in their next home, and identify these strong selling features in your home. Then, they are able to offer your home for these features to their buyers!


However this is not all that makes a good sellers agent. This agent will also have industry connections with other agents to be able to quickly move your home throughout the Real Estate Industry and also the experience selling similar properties. It is not a bad idea, to interview potential agents and ask them how they would sell your home. Ask them questions such as:


  • What will you do to market my home for sale?
  • What do you think are selling “features” of my home?
  • Do you work with buyers searching for properties similar to mine?
  • When and what was your most recent sale of a similar home?


Asking these questions will help you determine their experience and if they are the best agent for you. Our team is here to answer these questions and more!