Hiking Santa Cruz Island

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Enjoying the Island

Are you looking for a great place to hike in Ventura County?  Hiking Santa Cruz island was our holiday excursion and it did not disappoint!

Look to Island Packers for year round trips to the Catalina islands off the Ventura coastline.  They have several options to choose from depending on the time of year and each one is unique.  The most common trips are to the Santa Cruz and Anacapa islands as they are considered the “local” islands where the “outer” islands are the Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands.  These islands make up what is known as the Channel Islands National Park.

Santa Cruz Coastline

The rewards for hiking Santa Cruz island are the breathtaking views of the coast, fox & bird watching, learning the history of the area and enjoying miles of wonderful terrain to explore.  When hiking on the islands you have to supply your own food and water since there are no services available.  Wear your most comfortable hiking or walking shoes and be sure to layer your clothing.

Picnic on the Rocks

Your launch is from Ventura Harbor and the boat ride out can be a little chilling and you’ll find yourself hunkering down inside the cabin  but it’s a great part of the trip and if you’re lucky there will be plenty of wildlife to view along the way – whale watching is common, along with the many seals and dolphins that seem to play with the boat as it moves through the channel.

My last hike was to Prisoner’s Harbor on Santa Cruz island with a group of friends in December. This hike we chose was a 4.6 mile round trip loop on the Nature Conservancy Property.  The Pelican Bay Trail was a perfect trip up and down rugged hills, along sloping meadows and through small forests of Oaks and Pines.

Heading Back in the Afternoon

Along the trail we found a perfect resting spot and enjoyed our picnic on the rocks at Prisoners Harbor.  Before long it was time to head back to the boat.  It turned out to be a perfect day long trip!

To learn more about this hike and all the other hiking packages that Island Packers offer go to their website http://www.islandpackers.com/index.html








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